We're a collective of people who love to cook

FoodSt connects people and their communities through beautiful, home-cooked food. We find the most talented home-cooks in your neighbourhood and empower them to earn an income doing what they love most. Our menu's showcase the most beautiful meals from the most talented cooks in your local community,  helping you eat better! We've served close to 1,300 meals and are expanding our service across the country. 

Our cooks come from all walks of life; we have stay at home mums, retired chefs, professional caterers, aspiring Masterchef's, refugees, grandmothers...and the list goes on. What our cooks all have in common is a burning passion to create great food, share it with others and be a part of something that connects people through food.  After all, in our minds cooking for others is an act of love, it's an extension of a cook's generosity and the glue that holds our society together...

*** All of our cooks are Food Safety Accredited. You can read more about Food Safety here. ***

How did FoodSt begin?

Words from our Founder, Lorraine Gnanadickam 

Back in 2015 I was working a full-time job with two young children and finding it so stressful to balance the demands of my career and family. I would spend my weekends rushing to complete household chores including meal planning, grocery shopping and preparing meals... I felt like I was wasting the little precious time I had with my family. Worse still, in all my planning we would still order takeaway 2-3 times a week and I was feeling so guilty about that amount of unhealthy foods we were eating. I found myself wishing for someone to make me a good home-cooked meal.

And I was not alone. The average Australian now outsources meals 2-3 times a week and as a nation we are spending a whopping $45B per year on meals outside of the home, up 33% in 6 years and equating to 32% of our weekly budgets. As more people are working and the need for convenience continues to grow, so too do the options for convenient food. We can choose from cook your own meal recipe boxes, preservative filled ready-meals and unhealthy take-outs but in our mind nothing comes close to the goodness of a home-cooked meal. 


Lorraine Gnanadickam, Founder & CEO of FoodSt

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